Qin Na
President of Periodicals Agency of Shanghai University, China

Ms. Qin Na is deputy to the 15th People’s Congress of Shanghai, Vice Chairman & Secretary-General of Shanghai Magazine Association, Director of Shanghai University Periodical Agency, Principal Investigator and Doctor of Judicial Science. 

She was sponsored by the Japan Foundation under the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and presided over “Comparison between Community Education in Shanghai and Osaka”, a Sino-Japan cooperation study project. She also went to the postdoctoral program of the Graduate School of Human Development and Environment at Kobe University in Japan. As the director of Shanghai University Periodical Agency, she innovated the ways of journal management by centralizing management across the agency. As a result, she and her team overcame the typical obstacle faced by most university journals that are generally small and scattered. Her effort in innovation and reform was greatly paid off. 

Shanghai University Periodical Agency won the 3rd Chinese Government Award for Publishing, Advanced Publishing Organization. The Agency’s flagship journal Chinese Journal of Sociology won the 3rd Chinese Government Award for Publishing, Journal Award and was nominated the 2nd Chinese Government Award for Publishing, Journal Award. There are 14 journals under the agency’s management, and a variety of them have been rated as top 100 national journals in succession. Three of the journals have been selected into the “Project for Enhancing International Impact of China STM Journals” (Class B and Class C). 

Qin Na presided over 6 projects funded by the National Social Science Fund of China and other ministerial-level foundations. She published more than 30 papers in academic journals at home and abroad. She won the 4th Chinese Government Award for Publishing, Outstanding Individual and Shanghai Publisher Award. She was also selected as a leading talent in the national news and publishing industry.