Liu Yanjun
General Manager
CNKI, China

Liu Yanjun, general manager of Public Knowledge Service and Technology Company of CNKI as well as assistant general manager of China Academic Journal (CD) Electronic Journals Publishing House Co., Ltd., is primarily in charge of CNKI individual readers’ market. He has long engaged in business research on digital publishing, knowledge service and knowledge management,Possessing rich experience in creative planning and operation management, he successfully developed several new digital publishing and knowledge service products.

In 2016, Liu Yanjun took charge of developing an e-book creative service platform named Dacheng Creators, which includes assembly creation, original publishing, multimedia book creation and multi-person collaborative creation,The platform combines Internet Thinking with digital publishing business, connects the sparks of creators with the needs of readers’ and integrates the public self-help editing and publishing market with the industrialization development. It opens up a brand new market and creates a completely new knowledge service product called The Book of Knowledge. The platform has attracted tens of thousands of experts and scholars.since its release and operation. It is in the process of becoming the best practice platform for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” in the field of knowledge service.