Julie Lee
Chief Innovation Officer
Edipresse Media Asia

Julie Lee has more than fifteen years of experience in digital businesses and business transformation.

Lee, a US citizen of Korean descent was educated at the University of California where she graduated with an MA in Economics and then began her working life at Ernst & Young. As the Head of Sales and Licensing for the Universal Music Group, she set up innovative digital music services and developed and negotiated creative deals with artists including Kanye West, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. As the Executive Director for Sony Pictures Entertainment, Julie launched and developed Sony Pictures Mobile, and she was also responsible for the sale of the interactive TV service, GoPlayTV, to YooMedia.

Julie was one of the founding members of the premium music platform, VEVO, where she structured and negotiated more than 50 licensing agreements to create a content library of over 45,000 videos from 10,000 artists. She was named as one of SocalTECH’s Top 50 (2015), BizWomen’s Women of Influence (2015) and Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology (2010). Lee also founded edtwist in 2013, a collaborative knowledge network that allows users to collaborate their online research with a community of libraries, schools and NGO’s. The startup has since raised seed funding from angel investors including Rovi CFO Peter Halt and Snapchat Head of West Coast Sales Luke Kallis.

Julie is married and has a son. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking. (Tech-free!).