James Liu
Trends Group, China

In 1993, James Liu has established his business from a small courtyard with his partners. Since then he created the first Chinese high-end fashion magazine and gathered the first fashion media elite team. 

In 20 years, he owned a great deal of honors inside the Chinese media industry including “The Most Influential Person in Chinese Media Industry of 2001-2010”, “Contributor for Chinese Media Industry”, etc. Under his lead, Trends group has become the vanguard of fashionable lifestyle, the creator of fashionable culture as well as the driving force of fashion business.

He has defined fashion as a positive lifestyle, a trend of life, a combination of substantial perfectness and idealistic greatness, a release from creation and appreciation of beauty, a harmony between individuality and integrity, the most perspective culture as well as a great mood.

As a forward thinker, James Liu has created a successful road for the Chinese fashion magazines industry with his sharp business brain. He broke the traditional rules and imported the new publisher management model replacing the traditional president or chief-editor responsibility system. With the “Grape theory” raised by James Liu, Trends has effectively occupied the segmented market and expanded rapidly. In 2009, James had combined two business divisions of Trends and began to manage by grouping of enterprises, which led the group to a stable and rapid developing area.

James Liu prefers to always leading ahead a little. He suggested creating a fashion industry chain and achieving cross - disciplinary development. And he hopes to achieve a goal that trends would be everywhere. He took steps on the road of several related areas such as book polishing, Internet, digital, drama, mobile new media, TV and broadcasting successively. Proposing the whole media developing strategy, James Liu has created a Trends digital media platform and start his business the second time. 

James Liu treasures the significance of the staffs. He is always pleased to cultivate talents. He not only provides the staffs with comfortable working areas, but also gives them opportunities to express their creativity.

James Liu is glad to be passionate as a poet as well as dependable as a farmer. He always keeps a low profile in life and a high profile in business. Apart from his busy work, he has published two collected poems reflecting his passion for nature\life and fashion business. Under the deep revolution of media pattern, he loves to study new things and embrace the changes. And Trends group would definitely create a new era under his lead.